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Interview with Spidarlings director Salem Kapsaski GRINDHOUSE HORRORS

Interview with Spidarlings director Salem Kapsaski GRINDHOUSE HORRORS

"Its not often these days you come across a movie that truly has the spirit of independent cinema at its core,when the latter does occur however,its a pretty god darn momentous event!
I had this 'epihany moment' when I first read the script for indie horror film -cum- musical Spidarlings.
The film centres around two outsiders,a punk girl and her sassy lover Matilda as they skirt eviction,vicious psycho paths and embrace spiders...and thats just for starters!I knew i had to be in this film,it struck me as completely unique and i loved its black humour and delightful smatterings of old school gore!" - Sophia Disgrace

Grindhouse Horrors: Tell us a little about this film?
Salem Kapsaski: Spidarlings is Horror Musical centred around a young lesbian couple who are trying to make ends meet while being terrorized by their landlord for not paying the rent.
I wanted it to feel like the sequel to a great punk rock love story, my own Sid and Nancy only instead of dying they moved to Kent and try to scam the dole.

GH: What horror movies influenced Spidarlings?
SK: It's hard to say, while Horror is one of my favourite genres I think it's "Daisies" and "Liquid Sky" that were probably the biggest inspirations, as well as the films of John Waters, George Kuchar and Richard Kern.

GH: What made you get into film making?
SK: When I was seven years old my grandfather took me to see "Full Metal Jacket"; that film had a huge impact on my life in terms of me wanting to be involved in Film-making. It was also my grandfather who bought me my first video camera when I was nine.

GH: Getting to the f/x is Spidarlings cgi, or old school props?
SK: Old school props, most of them are constructed in my kitchen.

GH: When is this movie going to be available the public?

SK: We hope to be done with Post-Production by the end of the summer and hit the festival circuit next year.

GH: Do you think we will have another Golden age of Horror?

SK: There have been many fantastic independent horror films over the past few years, even if a lot of the films have not received the attention or acclaim they truly deserve.
I don't think however that the next golden age will come out of Hollywood or Britain. There have been quite a number of great French Horror films in the past few years.

GH: Any movies you see make you want to stab your eyes out lately?

SK: Not since a friend of mine insisted that I watch all six "Star Wars" movies with him.

GH: Do you think Joss Whedon will ever get his sanity back, or is it lost in the Whedonverse?
SK: Joss Whedon's sanity or contributions to the arts never interested me, so I don't really know.

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